DP I Forgot About

I visited my sister and we spent the evening painting. This is my effort and it is actually Daily Painting #1 I guess. It was the first time I used my micro Strada. 6.13.2021. Oil on board. 8″x10″

This is a very rewarding way to spend time with another painter, friend, and sibling!

On-The-Go Painting Stuff

I had several pochade boxes but each one seemed lacking in some respect. After the workshop where my rickety unstable Sienna box was becoming an issue, I decided to order a medium size STRADA Easel with the side trays and the extra canvas holder. When I got it I was amazed and delighted. So sturdy and simple to the point of elegance!

But that was not enough. I had to order this micro Strada box in the picture above to carry wherever in my bag. This thing is so awesome, just wow. I painted with it while visiting my sister overnight and then stuck it in my bag for the trip home with paints still in it. The box got turned over while I was driving. When I opened it up at home, the paints were still on the palette just as I left them! The rest of the box was clean.

These Strada boxes completely close up with no knobs sticking out for travel. They are so sturdy I am sure they will outlive me. I can’t think of one thing I don’t like about them. Well worth the money. The artist who designs them is someone I am following now. His name is Bryan Mark Taylor. I am watching his YouTube videos and he is very talented and knowledgeable. I will be buying his instruction videos when I run out of his free stuff online to watch. Maybe I will even go to one of his workshops some day.

On brushes: I bought a bunch of Jack Richeson Grey Matters travel brushes. Some of them are bristle which I thought would be great but I don’t recommend them because the hairs get bent up when I put the caps on. Also the brushes sometimes come apart when in use. Still I am determined to use them and wear them out. The synthetic Grey Matters brushes are somewhat better about not becoming frayed. In the future I will purchase some more synthetic long-handled Robert Simmons Titanium brushes like the ones Duane Keiser recommends for his workshops. Carrying them around is not that big of hassle and and they are really nice to use.

I have decided to stick with Gamblin paints and mediums for the time being; I thought it would be nice to get to know their qualities. They are safe and of good quality. I read somewhere that the colors that Gamblin recommends for primaries are Hansa Yellow, Phthalo blue, and Quinacridone Red because these colors can make just about any color you can see. From my experiences with them, I believe that is true. I was surprised that a cool red like this makes a great orange or a bright warm red when mixed with the yellow and Phthalo Blue makes a great purple mixed with the red and a little white. Of course these primaries make a huge variety of greens and browns with a little tweaking but for times sake I decided to extend my palette to permanent green light and raw umber just cause I am lazy sometimes.

I am using a limited palette for my daily painting exercises to get more practice color mixing. I have plenty of other paints around for more complicated projects.