Working Vacation

Have a few days off my job and am using it to work on my art and my blogs. Got my apartment to myself for a minute. I so love peace and quiet. I have started some small paintings of flowers and wild flowers. Mostly 11″x9″ and 10″x8″ on boards I get from Dick Blick’s. They are masonite panels with canvas paper affixed to them. I like the texture and the support of these panels plus they have indentations in the back for hanging diagonally or horizontally so they do not need a frame unless one is desired.

I like to paint the panels medium gray or a taupe color to start out. I don’t like starting with a white canvas. I like a neutral or warm neutral background. I will probably completely recover it as I paint but it is nice to see the colors on the medium neutral tone.

It is gray here and wet where I live. Not that cold though. There was snow but it has melted into traces here and there. I liked the snow.

Self discipline is hard to come by. I like instant gratification. I need to schedule some rewards for myself when I accomplish small goals.

I want to get enough small paintings together to have a small showing somewhere. I haven’t painted as regularly as I should have for years so I am rusty. To be able to paint fast and accurately, one has to put in the time and regular practice. This I know, but I have been a flagrant procrastinator. Less time on Facebook and Youtube and more time at my art table and easel!

Changed my theme. I like this one. It reminds me of a leather binder open to write or sketch in. I thought it appropriate. The background was originally another shade of brown. Too much brown. I gave it the bright green color which seems sort of bright, clean and cheery. Just the right touch.

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