Dogwood Flowers and Other Stuff

Dogwood Flowers and Other Stuff

Finally finished this little painting today. Worked on it yesterday too. Had to fight through resistance and the urge to do anything but actually paint.

Made some business cards for myself. I thought about all the times having some would have come in handy. A lot of missed opportunities are made by not taking the time to be professional. I started an Excel sheet for keeping track of expenses and income this year. It’s a mental boost, getting stuff together to conduct one’s self as a self employed person. My late husband was self employed so I learned a lot from him on what needs to be done to keep out of trouble with Uncle Sam.

I mixed up a lot of the colors, shades and tints I thought would be using. I have some plastic medicine cases, the kind to set pills up for daily administration, that I bought at walmart. I have one that has 28 compartments and three more with larger spaces that have 7 compartments each. So I mixed up my favorites and filled up most of the compartments. I mixed three shades of gray, some warm and cool versions of primaries and secondaries along with tints and shades. Tints are colors that have white added to them; shades have black added to them. I find them very useful, not only for tonal values, but also to tone down the chroma (color). When one adds black, gray, or white, this neutralizes the color to the degree that one adds the nuetral value. To drab down a color, it is done by adding some of it’s contrasting color on a color wheel…like adding some purple to orange or some red to green.

Anyway, my little boxes worked well. I just scooped out what I needed with the tip of a palette knife and put it on the palette. So that kept me from getting obsessed with mixing colors and not painting.

My goal is to start painting daily Tuesday through Friday of each week. Got to make time for this–I somehow manage to get to my other job and work it without letting other stuff from preventing me from doing so,..why should making art be any different?

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