Age and Painting

I spent some time at Barnes and Nobles today looking at art magazines. Art News had an article on artists over the age of eighty still growing strong. Professional Artist has an article on mature artists starting out. I bought that one and am eager to read it. I also bought PleinAir magazine which has an article on Lois Dodd, painting and teaching, well into her eighties.  I no longer am worrying about my age. I’m youngster in my fifties!

Monroe Lake; Bloomington IN Oil Sketch

Monroe Lake oil sketch 014
This sketch I did probably eight or more years ago when I living in Bloomington. I hauled out my french easel and paints after class at IU one day. By the time I got set up to paint, I had about 30 minutes to paint before dark. It isn’t composed well and I regret that I didn’t go out there and do a hundred more sketches like that one, before I moved. I still like to look at it and feel happy when I see it. It is painted on a 8″x10″ masonite board.

Monroe Lake is a huge man-made lake in Monroe County, Indiana. Nice for boating, skiing, swimming and picnicing around. I’ve heard John Mellencamp has a house on the lake somewhere.

It is between Bloomington and Brown County, which is famous for its trees in the fall. Very hilly terrain. Reminds me of the Smokey Mountains and Appalachia. Nashville, IN is in Brown County and started as an artist’s colony. The most prominent artist to live there was TC Steele, who did some beautiful landscapes. His house and studio are on a hill off state road 46 and is open to the public as a state park. Artists often go there to paint on the grounds. Twice a year Paint-outs are held and a contest at the day is held with prizes (Spring and Fall).

Eastern Fleabane Daisy Painting

Fleabane Painting 004

I painted this Friday (yesterday). I wanted to upload a pic last night but I couldn’t get my camera to connect to my computer. It’s a new camera but it worked several times before. So frustrating. I tried all the usual things, the usb cords, the battery, the sd card, going to the Canon website for a new driver and they said there is no driver–I guess the info is on the disk or the camera itself, etc, etc… So I got out my old camera and it worked fine. Now, to figure out what’s up with the new one. Guess I will have to call Canon. This is the third Canon Powershot I have, the first two are really great. I got the last one because I wanted a wide angle lens. It won’t be much good to me if I can’t get it to connect to my computer, though.

I am rather pleased with this painting. It’s the first one I was able to complete in one day. It was inspired from an old photo I had taken and printed on copy paper. The detail wasn’t good and I couldn’t find the file on my computer but I liked the colors and decided to try anyway.

Jerusalem Artichoke Floral Painting

artichokeflowerpaintgstillnprogress 003

Wildflower Painting JerusalemArtichoke

I worked on this the week before this one and thought I’d finished it but after I hung it on the wall to look at I realized I didn’t like it the way it was. Yesterday I added some terre verte and some lighter burgundy gray in the background and it started to look much better already. I plan to go back in and add some detail.

(1st photo shows the color corrections in background but painting is going to get a major overhaul. The second picture is of the first attempt.)