Eastern Fleabane Daisy Painting

Fleabane Painting 004

I painted this Friday (yesterday). I wanted to upload a pic last night but I couldn’t get my camera to connect to my computer. It’s a new camera but it worked several times before. So frustrating. I tried all the usual things, the usb cords, the battery, the sd card, going to the Canon website for a new driver and they said there is no driver–I guess the info is on the disk or the camera itself, etc, etc… So I got out my old camera and it worked fine. Now, to figure out what’s up with the new one. Guess I will have to call Canon. This is the third Canon Powershot I have, the first two are really great. I got the last one because I wanted a wide angle lens. It won’t be much good to me if I can’t get it to connect to my computer, though.

I am rather pleased with this painting. It’s the first one I was able to complete in one day. It was inspired from an old photo I had taken and printed on copy paper. The detail wasn’t good and I couldn’t find the file on my computer but I liked the colors and decided to try anyway.

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