Rocky Mtn Stream Painting. 8″x10″

Rocky Mountain Stream 1

Did this from photo references taken during my trip out west. I learned something about paper while doing this painting and the first mountain picture. I used Canson XL Acrylic Paper (136 lb/290g) for the first one and Strathmore Acrylic Paper (246 lb/400g/m) for the one pictured in this post. Big Difference! I will always use the Strathmore from now on for anything I intend to spend some time and effort on.

After I photographed the first one I put Acrylic GLOSS Medium (Liquitex) on it. This darkened all the colors and I regretted it when it dried. On this one I had some Golden SATIN Medium & Varnish so I used that to protect it instead. This also was much better.

Also figured out that for taking reference photos and for photographing artwork to make sure the date feature is turned off!

*On both photos, some colors jump out like a couple of orange spots in this one and some bright green places on the other. These are not like that in the original paintings. Got to figure out how to avoid that!

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