Moving in a New Direction

I’m studying code now. My goal is to be a web designer/developer. I have been taking courses online at They have all kinds of courses and you can choose a “path” for a goal like web design or front stack developer, etc. You can even get on a path to become a song writer or a photographer. It costs ~ $25 a month to subscribe to LYNDA (well worth it!) but I get it free through my local library.

When I lived in a different town, the library there gave access to courses. Those are nice too. They have creative writing and TESOL courses along with a lot of other subjects. So if you are wanting to learn a new skill by taking a online course, I suggest you check your library to see what they offer.

Watching videos to learn things has its advantages since you can stop and go back at any point as many times as you need to, to understand the material.

I have bought a few books and got some more from the library. The main book I’m studying now is Sam’s Teach Yourself HTML, CSS & JavaScript Web Publishing. I’m at Lesson 7 today. It’s on formatting text with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). Each lesson is only supposed to take you an hour to do (25 lessons in the book, total). I’m here to tell you they lie about that! The sixth lesson on links took me several hours and I skipped the last exercise.

I’m in my late fifties so I go slower, and I wonder if this will be folly. What company would hire someone my age? Don’t know but decided if I continue with this, something very good will come of it. I will probably freelance. I think I will end up with plenty of work. I just hope I will have the confidence to charge appropriately for my services. I have shortchanged myself in the past with other ventures.

I read that having a blog about learning this stuff is a good idea. But the idea of starting a new one, when I have this neglected one (and a couple of others!), didn’t appeal. So, I will write about my adventures here.