California Trip 2

2Rocky Mountains 1 Painting

I went on a trip out to California from July 9th to July 22. I wanted to join up with the Urban Sketchers out there in San Francisco and also visit some relatives and to take pictures for paintings later. I will posting more about it. Above is an 8″x10″ acrylic painting (on Paper) I did of the Rocky Mountains in the National Park in Colorado. I’m working on another mountain picture from there with a stream in it now. I thought I’d work on paper till I gain more confidence and speed.

*The greens in the painting are integrated better in the painting than the photo shows. The photo makes them look out of place, like I randomly put bright green blobs here and there.

California Trip 2013

I’ve learned to take these things on long car trips: A windbreaker or some other jacket because weather is fickle and it can be cold driving through mountains no matter what time of year, even down in NM…Long Pants, socks, reg. walking shoes for same or similar reasons, lots of water, salt packets, a swimming suit in case one of your friends installed a hot tub in your absence and you want to sit in it properly attired holding some goofy looking drink with them, and a towel so you won’t get their floors wet. One time my late husband and I walked to a beautiful waterfall and pond another traveler told us about and swam in it. Actually a towel and face cloth come in handy for lots of stuff.

Yesterday I was taking off from a rest stop and hit the edge of the road too fast and blew out a tire. So I changed my tire, and wished for the days when I was younger and cuter and never had to. But there I was and I did it! I think that’s the second time I have and I was proud of my competence. But as I was finishing up I started feeling sick and lightheaded. I put my tools and old tire away and got in the car. For a moment I felt scared because my cell was having no bars in this Nevada desert. I drank a lot of water and ate some salt and gradually began to feel better with the air on.

So far on this trip I’ve used just about every necessity: Salt, Water, Walking Shoes & Socks, Jacket, Towel…Still haven’t found a friend with a hot tub…but hey, the trip isn’t over and there is hope yet.

Age and Painting

I spent some time at Barnes and Nobles today looking at art magazines. Art News had an article on artists over the age of eighty still growing strong. Professional Artist has an article on mature artists starting out. I bought that one and am eager to read it. I also bought PleinAir magazine which has an article on Lois Dodd, painting and teaching, well into her eighties.  I no longer am worrying about my age. I’m youngster in my fifties!